About us

FastEst is an
engineering company

made up of experts in electronics, software and automation.
FastEst works in EE/Gas/Water distribution systems, in the industrial process management and in automatic control areas referring to different production sectors all over the world.

FastEst is part of the Pietro Fiorentini Group and provides the following on-site services:


Site survey

Installation supervision

Loop Check



Our Activities:

• Process Control basic design
• Process Control engineering design
• Hardware and electronics design
• Software and firmware design
• Software for PLC, DCS, Computer
• SCADA design and development
• Remote Control & Cloud Technologies
• Design & production of electrical control panels
• Installations & Start-Up services

Our specialized department:

AUTOMATION department:
our engineers work in software design for industrial application (programming PLC/DCS, supervision of industrial equipment and service for this software).
We made projects in environment treatment (i.e. waste water treatment and power generation from garbage incinerating), chemical processes (i.e. fabrication of chips for plastic bottles) and energetic (i.e. management of systems for energy distribution).

SOFTWARE department:
our technicians develop software for industrial automation and office integration (using Microsoft and Internet technologies). We made projects for factory management, plant’s maintenance and drivers for different equipments.