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Founded in Bologna in 1940, Pietro Fiorentini is a leading industrial company in North-East Italy and is recognised as a Historic Brand of National Interest. With more than 80 years of experience across the entire natural gas supply chain, today the Group has expanded its horizons towards the development of technologies and solutions for a sustainable, digital world, with a particular focus on renewable energy projects. The goal is to be a leading player in the changes that will distinguish the playing field that our company inhabits and operates within in the coming years, such as digitalisation, the transition towards cleaner energy sources and greater responsibility regarding economic, social and environmental sustainability.



FAST produces Automation and Process Control Systems for industry and for utility production, management and distribution services.

It has been in business since 1982 with the responsibility and awareness of the key role that control technologies play, a fundamental role when it comes to the efficiency of company processes. For this reason, for almost 40 years, FAST has not been satisfied by merely pursuing standards, but has always focused on working with the most advanced hardware and software technologies and developing productive ongoing partnerships with the most important international players.